Creative Photographer and Digital Artist

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Where possible my aim is to challenge the fundamentals and boundaries of photography and to strive to be unique in my preferred style of photographic art. Genres covered are still life, character and nautical studies, all influenced by impressionism. My goal is to create a picture that portrays mood, atmosphere and possibly emotion.


To add a new dimension to my style of work I also hand embellish some of my prints with clear acrylic gels, this allows me to add brush strokes or palette knife marks to the picture, creating a physical texture.


I currently serve on the Royal Photographic Societies Fine Art Distinctions Panel and have some of my work is included within the RPS Permanent Collection. I hold three Fellowships, two with the Royal Photographic Society and one with the Irish Photographic Federation. I became an invited member of the London Salon of Photography in 2011.


FRPS – Fellow. (Royal Photographic Society) 2005

AFIAP – Artiste. (Federation Internationale de l’Art Photographique)  2010

MPAGB – Master. (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) 2005

FRPS – Fellow. (Royal Photographic Society) 2016

FIPF - Fellow. (Irish Photographic Federation) 2016


Although my home is the Channel Island of Guernsey, I will often be found away from the island judging national and international photographic salons, this is something I greatly enjoy along with giving presentations of my work.


I am enormously grateful to Fotospeed Distribution for sponsoring me, this allows me the opportunity to test drive a large variety of photographic papers.


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