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A presentation of my work can be arranged for photographic organisations etc. The volume of bookings accepted per year is limited and each tour generally consists of a maximum of two presentations, each held on consecutive evenings.

A typical print presentation consists of approx. 90 prints, lasting for about 90 minutes, a coffee break half way through allows for the prints to be viewed at close inspection, questions may be asked at any stage. The presentation covers a brief outline of the camera technique, the creative postproduction work and also includes an insight into the thought processes considered as the image idea is conceived and develops. The presentation should not be seen as a Photoshop tutorial, many of the post production techniques do not involve a set of regimented steps within a software package in order to achieve the desired result.




Typical costs will be airline travel from Guernsey, accommodation, plus presentation fees of £100 per talk.




Presentation 1  - "Creative Photography" 2004 -2011


                                Approx. 85-90 award winning prints from national and international photographic salons of the time period.





Presentation 2 - " A Feeling of Impressionism" 2014 - 2017


                                 Approx. 85-90 creative prints with a definite leaning towards impressionist art.

                                 Featuring my floral still life IPF Fellowship along with the successful RPS Fellowship panel

                                 by Phil Alan. The talk will also feature several new and unseen works.