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RPS Southern Centre Digital Imiging Group  -  Print Presentation


Spectrum CC, Guernsey  -  Print  Judging


RPS, Bath. Distinction Assessments

RPS, Bath. Distinction Assessments


Exmouth PG  -  Print Presentation

Exeter CC  -  Print Presentation


Havant CC  -  Print Presentation

Chichester CC  -  Print Presentation


Peterborough PS  -  Print Presentation

Deepings CC  -  Print Presentation

A presentation of my work can be arranged for photographic organisations etc. The volume of bookings accepted per year is limited and each tour generally consists of a maximum of two presentations, each held on consecutive evenings.

The basis for the presentation is a mixture of an 80-print display and a digital presentation of before and after images, this also includes a guide of how an image is created. See below for a typical guide of how the presentation works.


40 Prints are displayed on stands:

Digital Presentation: Approx.40 mins:

Comfort break:

40 Prints are displayed on stands:

Digital Presentation: Approx.40 mins:


Typical costs will be airline travel from Guernsey, accommodation, plus presentation fees of £100 per talk.



Presentation one "Creative Photography" 2004 -2011

80 award winning prints from national and international photographic salons from this time frame.


Presentation two " A Feeling of Impressionism" 2014 -2017

80 creative prints with a definite leaning towards impressionist art. Featuring my floral still life IPF Fellowship along with the successful RPS Fellowship panel by Phil Alan. The talk will also feature several new works.