Creative Photographer and Digital Artist

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Mon 16 March


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Steyning CC


IPF Club Championships, Mulligar

A presentation of my work can be arranged for photographic organisations etc.


The volume of bookings accepted per year is limited with each tour generally consisting of ideally two presentations, each held on consecutive days. Costs are kept to a minimum and cover the air travel from Guernsey, a presentation fee of £100 per event, accommodation or hosting by an organiser.


A typical presentation covers work created over the last few years, including two Fellowship panels. About 60 prints are displayed from the beginning of the event allowing plenty of viewing time, my work is better viewed as prints so I encourage members to study them in fine detail. The DPI presentation is based on two 45 minute sessions and covers my workflow process and more importantly my thought process as an image evolves. I try to allow my imagination to run free whilst creating and see this as paramount, there are no set series of steps to follow in any software package . Where most images are concerned I am able to illustrate the before and after picture so comparisons can be made. I specialise in still life, character and nautical studies, all influenced by impressionism. My goal is to create a picture that portrays mood, atmosphere and emotion. Achieving this may involve purposely removing the clinical sharpness that we generally associate with a photograph or possibly working on the colour palette so the colours are allowed to bleed. All of this is discussed throughout.


My current presentation is “A Feeling of Impressionism” and covers work created 2014 to present day.